Wine Caddies

If you’re looking for a wine caddy that is every bit as unique as the person you’re buying it for, consider shopping at You’ll love their incredible selection of wine caddies that are designed for just about any professional in your life as well as animal lovers, a variety of lifestyles and much more.

For the pilot or airplane fan in your life, they’ll absolutely love one of the unique airplane wine caddies from The simpleAirplane Caddy has multiple propellers and holds a standard 750 ml wine bottle. This is the perfect gift for aviators and enthusiasts of all types.

Anyone would love the Alligator wine caddy that depicts a whimsical alligator standing up and posing, with big eyes and his mouth wide open. You’ll get a great laugh out of this wine caddy, and if it’s to be given as a gift, it will certainly never be forgotten!

The Bartender single bottle is one of the most popular wine caddies available at The interesting look on the face of the bartender could certainly be misunderstood, so we will leave it for your speculation. He stands in back of a bar with an empty stool in front as he pours a drink into a glass. His classic mustache and bowtie complete the look. Your bartender will find a place of honor for this wine caddy, there is no doubt.

Make or female bicycle rider wine caddies are available as well, featuring a cyclist and their bike. These are a great gift for bike enthusiasts of all sorts. Copper accents are added in all the right places. You can have your cyclist wine caddy engraved to further personalize the gift.

Your beloved bowler will absolutely adore one of the Bowler wine caddies that feature a bowler holding on to the bowling ball and getting ready to make that strike. The look of concentration on their fact is almost humorous, but don’t dare make a sound or risk breaking their winning streak. The bowler in your life will want to show off this exceptionally unique wine caddy to their bowling mates.

For sports enthusiasts, there are wine caddies for just about every sport, from baseball and basketball to swimmers and many others. The baseball wine caddy comes with a wooden baseball bat and helmet, depicting the batter ready to take a swing at the pitch. His jersey can easily be engraved at the time of your purchase by simply filling out the information you wish to have engraved on it.

You’ll find the most beautiful and durable wine caddies on, always made by artisan craftsmen who bend, cut and weld recycled, polished, industrial steel into desk top ornaments and wine caddies designed to being joy to people from every walk of life.

Find the gift you’re looking for when you visit online at or place a call to 862-251-4333 if you have any questions about the products or about placing an order.