A lawyer business card holder from WineCaddys.com would be the ideal gift for a male or female attorney. Home and office decor products from WineCaddys are hand-made of high-quality recycled industrial strength steel with copper accents and are aesthetically pleasing while providing a convenient place to keep business cards.
WineCaddy’s sculptures are lovingly made by European artisans who work to bend, cut, weld and polish the metal to perfection. 
The female lawyer business card holder features an attorney female on the phone speaking to her client at a desk. She has pretty red lips and beautiful brown hair, dressed in a blazer-type suit. On her desk is a book that reads LAW on the cover. There is also an open laptop in front of her. Business cards can be held in the convenient holder in front of her desk.
The male lawyer business card holder features an attorney male who is sitting at his desk speaking with a client on the phone. He has black hair and a suit and tie on. His desk is similar to that of the female lawyer but a black LAW book rests on top, along with an open laptop that the attorney appears to be working on. There is a card holder in front of his desk.
WineCaddys takes a lot of pride in their craftsmanship and dedication to their work. It is their hope that their customers will be able to see their level of commitment in the results obtained by their craftsmen. Their business started from a passion for creating inviting and decorative pieces and evolved from solely making wine-related products to currently selling a variety of home and office decor products, like their lawyer business card holder and other items. 
With a great selection of designs that cater to people in the legal profession, WineCaddys seeks to provide whimsical art to those who are interested in sport, animals and others whose sense of humor compels them to own a work of art that will make them smile.
If you’d like to bring joy to someone who is in the legal profession, consider one of the variety of designs from WineCaddys.com specifically made for people in the legal profession. WineCaddys offers a great selection of items besides their lawyer business card holder; you’ll love their:
– Desktop accessories that include card holders, pen holders and sculptures
– Whimsical clocks
– Contemporary collection that includes card and pen holders
– Wine caddy
– Garden stakes
– And much more
Get the special lawyer in your life something truly unique that they will not only cherish, get them the gift that says you care. WineCaddys’ one-of-a-kind desktop gifts mean so much to their recipients because they are hand-made and portray excellence in every way.
Visit WineCaddys.com to see their entire collection and find the perfect lawyer business card holder. We have a feeling you’re going to love what you see!