If you’re searching for a unique gift for a hairstylist, visit WineCaddys.com and pick up a hairstylist business card holder. Customers love the whimsical desktop sculptures that are hand-made and portray different professionals while serving the purpose of holding business cards or pens.
The unique Hair stylist business card holder at WineCaddys.com features a hairstylist with a client in the chair. The stylist is gently brushing the client hair. In front of both there is space to hold a generous stack of business cards. 
You can add an engraving or a gift note with your gift by filling out the information online at WineCaddys.com. Any hair stylist would be very pleased to receive this card holder as a gift! The products at WineCaddys are all made of bent, cut, welded and polished recycled industrial strength steel with copper accents and look great on top of a desk. A lot of pride and hard work goes into the making of every custom decorative piece from WineCaddys.
There are a number of card holders available for professionals of all types, including auto mechanics, business men, chefs, dentists, doctors, electricians, gardeners or florists, nurses, pharmacists, podiatrists, teachers, veterinarians and wine stewards. 
Customers also love the unique wine caddies that are available on the website. There is a vast selection of whimsical caddy options that include male and female attorneys working at their desks, architects, attorneys, airplanes, bartenders, baseball and other sports related wine caddies, mountain biker and bicycle, bowler, bride and groom, cats, carpenters, doctors, various types of dogs and many others besides. Enjoy browsing through the inventory until you find the perfect wine caddy for your special someone.
Business card holders are always a popular choice at WineCaddys.com. The Hair stylist business card holder is one of the most unique. Many of the card holders also feature space to hold pens as well, making them all the more functional. There are business care holders available for professionals, sports fans, animal lovers of all kinds and even some to portray individual lifestyles.
WineCaddys also makes clocks that are sure to be the central point of attention in your home or office. The Frog Pendulum clock is one that is an eye-catcher in any office where it’s hung. Choose from the Rooster clock, Dog with Floppy Ears, Pig Pendulum, Golf, Bird with Chick and many others. 
Customers simply love the contemporary collection that includes the Ballerina Pen Holder, the Ballroom Dancers Pen Holder, Green Thumb Lady Business Card Holder and Jogger Pen Holder. The Hair Stylist Business Card Holder is a favorite for those with a little desk space they want to devote to their own style.
It’s been more than a decade since the wine holders and sculptures from WineCaddys.com were first introduced in the US. In that time, their collection has been tailored to the American market to reflect the taste, culture and sense of humor of the artisans. Find a beautiful one of a kind work of art at a great price at WineCaddys.