Doctor Desk Sculpture

Are you trying to find a unique doctor desk sculpture for that special doctor in your life? You’re going to love what’s available at If your doctor has gone above and beyond in service to you and your family, or you’re just looking for an excuse to make them feel extra-special, take a look at the amazing sculptures from WineCaddys that will put a big smile on their face!

The Doctor Radiologist Nuts and Bolts Sculpture from WineCaddys is absolutely charming and made of high quality industrial strength steel, nuts and bolts and unique copper accents in just the right places. This doctor desk sculpture depicts a Radiologist taking an X-ray of a patient who is standing behind the equipment. His bones are clearly shown through the machine. The doctor is leaning over the monitor examining the results. Beautiful copper accents are used to link the equipment.

For your OBGYN, has a truly unique doctor desk sculpture of an OB delivering a baby with the mother on the table and the very recently born infant still attached by the umbilical cord that is accented with copper. The mother has pretty copper-accented hair. The doctor has one foot on the table using it as leverage to deliver the baby.

This is a very unique work of art and one that your OBGYN will certainly want to set in a place of honor on their desk! There is a copper engraving plate at the foot of the sculpture so you can personalize it with engraving before it’s sent to you or your recipient.

The Doctor Desk Sculpture Nuts and Bolts is a very nice sculpture with room to hold a stack of business cards and depicts a whimsical doctor and his patient in the middle of an exam. There is an old-fashioned doctor’s bag on the floor and a copper engraving plate so that you can personally engrave this item for your favorite doctor.

If your doctor is a woman, she’s going to love the Female Doctor with Patient business card holder deal sculpture of a woman doctor examining a male patient. She is taking his blood pressure and has a stethoscope hanging around her neck. There is space front of the sculpture for business cards. The doctor has pretty strawberry blonde short-cut hair and a red lipstick smile while the male patient has a black crop of hair.

For your optometrist, carries a very cute Female Eye Doctor business card holder showing an eye doctor holding an eye chart and obviously testing one of her patients. There is room for business cards and a place for personal engraving.

Make sure is your first and last stop when searching for the perfect doctor desk sculpture, professional sculptures and wine caddies. Their beautiful and high quality works of art are guaranteed to be unique and original masterpieces that your recipients will be enjoying for many years to come!