Find the perfect dentist’s business card holder at If you’re trying to find the ideal gift for the dentist in your life, you’ll love the whimsical and one of a kind sculptures and desktop card holders available from one of the leading artisans on the Internet. employs European artisans who craft a variety of high quality items that are designed to last a lifetime. Made of recycled industrial strength steel with copper accents, these works of art are made to provide years of enjoyment to professionals, animal lovers, sports fans and others who are looking for something out of the ordinary. 
Dentists typically have ample reception space for items they want to catch the eye of their patients as they’re paying their bill or waiting for  follow-up appointment. A dentist’s business card holder from WineCaddys will surely be a conversation piece that will start some interesting discussions at the counter area. Visit online at to see the dentist sculptures that include:
– This wonderful depiction of a female dentist with a reclining patient is also a place to hold business cards and display pens and pencils. The dentist is working on her patient who appears to be relaxed and having some dental work taken care of. There’s a sink and faucet at their side in the event that the patient should need to rinse and spit. This dentist business card holder is a great way to show your female dentist how much she means to you.
– The nuts and bolts dentist’s business card holder is much more of a whimsical sculpture, made of nuts, bolts, metal and copper accent and portrays the dentist and his patient in a more comical way than the traditional card holders. You’ll laugh out loud when you see this nuts and bolts collection that is expertly crafted to look like a dentist and his patient, complete with drill in hand. There is enough space in the card holder to hold a stack of cards.
– Your dentist will love the male dentist with patient business card holder that is also a pen holder and sculpture for their desktop. This item features a male dentist working on a young male patient, complete with tools in the dentist’s hand. If the patient needs to rinse and spit, there is a sink and faucet at hand as well. This sculpture holds business cards and pens or pencils.
Make sure your dentist knows how much their service means to you by showing them they are important in your life. A one of a kind dentist’s business card holder from will be lovingly placed on their desk and adored for years to come.
You’ll find a wide selection of durable and high quality items for professionals, sports lovers, friends of animals and more when you visit online at Every work of art is original and unique, with no two items being exactly the same. 

Dentists Business Card Holder