Are you looking for a dentist desk sculpture that will really surprise the dentist in your life? You’ll love what has available! Their unique, one-of-a-kind works of art include sculptures, pen holders and card holders that feature dentists in a variety of poses with their patients. 
All of the sculptures at are crafted by hand from European artisans who work with industrial strength steel and copper accents to create beautiful desktop pieces that are often whimsical and always well-loved. Their dentist desk sculpture collection includes:
– Female dentist with patient business card holder. This business card holder features a female dentist with a male patient in the chair reclining. There is a small table at their side with a sink for the patient to spit into. This dentist desk sculpture also has ample space for business cards and pens and pencils.
– Dentist nuts and bolts business card holder is a very comical presentation of a dentist with a patient in the chair, made of nuts, bolts, metal and copper accents and is complete with the drill in hand. This is a business card holder and provides space for a generous stack of cards, so it’s the ideal gift for a dentist to keep at their reception area.
– Dentist pulling teeth nuts and bolts desk sculpture. This work of art features the dentist standing on his dental chair with a patient reclining. The dentist is obviously trying to pull a tooth from his patient. This sculpture is made of nuts, bolts, metal and copper accents in all the right places and would make a great addition to any dental office or reception desk.
– Male dentist with patient in chair business card holder is a very popular choice among customers looking for a gift for their dentist. This desktop sculpture features a male dentist working on a male patient with tools in hand. There is a small table at their side with a sink and bowl, ample space for business cards in the holder and room for several pens or pencils. 
Customers love the whimsical sculptures from! With more than 150 unique styles of wine caddies and one of the most unique selections of business card holders online, there is something to please everyone. Sculptures are made to last, of high quality steel and other metals.
The CEO at personally directs a consortium of American designers and European artisans who create truly unique designs, blending new world tastes with old work quality and craftsmanship. You can be certain that no two metal sculptures are exactly alike, therefore, the sculpture you order may vary slightly from the one depicted on the website.
You may have seen inferior products online but wineCaddys guarantees they are not able to match the quality of design or durability that their products offer. When you purchase a dentist desk sculpture from, you know you’re buying an original work of art!